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We are one of the cheapest and best quality garment labels manufacturers you can find in the market.The label types that World Label Shop can produce are listed below.

There is no minimum order quantity.

Custom Leather Labels Manufacturing

Leather labels are an important accessory for the brand to be flamboyant.Brands make different labels considering the quality or costs of the products.

The prices and printing methods of leather labels vary according to the varieties.The varieties and their meanings are listed below.

Real Leather Labels

Real leather labels meaning; it really is made of animal skin. These labels are more expensive than others.

Faux Leather Labels , imitation leather labels

It is made of artificial leather. This means that it is produced synthetically. These are imitation leather labels.

Jacron Leather Label

These are labels where fabric and leather are made together as composites similar to hangtags. There are leather particles inside the fabric. They have a very stylish appearance.

Laser Engraved , Embossed Leather Patch , Hot Stamp Leather Patches

Leather emblems are produced in two different ways. Embossed patches need special knives. The other method is using laser. Also called hot stamp leather patches.

Custom Woven Labels

We produce custom woven labels for your brand or you.

Custom Hangtags

Hangtags are one of the labels that will attract the customer's first attention.we produce custom hangtags.

Custom Printed Labels

We are a company engaged in manufacturing custom printed labels for you.

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